Monthly Plan

Now $60

Billed monthly

SEO ( Keyword research, Site optimization, Backlink source, Ranking tracking, Google analytics, Competition tracking)  Value $199.99/month
Local Directory
Value $99.99/month
Social Media Monitoring  $49.99/month
Review Monitoring Value $49.99/month
Brand Monitoring Value $49.99/month
Google Ads Value $49.99/month
Re-target Training 
Value $299

Annual Plan

Now $588

Billed Annual

SEO ( Keyword research, Site optimization, Backlink source, Ranking tracking, Google analytics, Competition tracking)  Value $199.99/month
Local Directory Value $99.99/month
Social Media Monitoring $49.99/month
Review Monitoring Value $49.99/month
Brand Monitoring Value $49.99/month 
Google Ads Value $49.99/month
Re-target Training Value $299

Now I can do it myself

I had no idea what SEO even meant when I first opened my store. Luckily, I stumbled upon LionRank, and was able to learn and improve my SEO in a few simple steps. From the glossary to the reports, I finally feel like I know what I’m talking about when explaining my Digital Marketing strategy to others.

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LionRank will make your business more successful online. Get the complete Digital Marketing solution for an unbeatable price — no previous knowledge required!

Local Marketing

-Automatically create listings in over 36 local directories including Google My Business

-Protect your listings from external theft or editing

-Daily monitoring of 50 search terms in your local area and nationally on Google and Google Maps, from up to 5 locations

-Weekly reporting and live updates for crucial online developments

-Google Ads integration for professionally targeted local ads on your Google My Business listing

-Call Tracking: Get customer calls to your business through your local listings (coming soon)

-Google My Business visitor interaction analytics

-Synchronize opening hours for your listings

-Synchronize promotional images and media posts

-Synchronize posts for promotions & events

Make your business found in all the important online directories with 1-click

person working on blue and white paper on board

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

-A customized optimization plan that fits your site's exact needs with thousands of easy-to-follow video tutorials

-Individually optimized for each major CMS

-Powerful easy-to-use keyword analysis tools

-Automatically identify your biggest competitors

-Daily monitoring of 50 search terms both locally and nationally on Google and Google Maps, from up to 5 locations

-Comprehensive link analysis -In-App Google Analytics integration

-Monitor your local visibility with the LionRank LVI (Local Visibility Index)

-In-App Google My Business integration

-Real-time monitoring, tracking, & notifications with the LionRank VISION Feed

-Weekly reporting and 24/7 notifications covering every major development

Individually optimized for all major CMSs:

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Google Ads

-Intuitive and easy to understand Google Ads budget controls

-Automated intelligent ad campaign controls

-Comprehensive performance forecasts based on your budget & keywords

-Precision ads use the most effective keywords to target the best audience in your neighborhood

-Automatically creates ad texts optimized for your specific audience

-Supports all the latest ad extensions

-Daily budget control and full cost transparency

-Extensive reporting and analytics for comprehensive performance evaluation

-Google Ads integration for local advertising on your Google My Business listings

-Weekly reporting and notifications for all the important online developments affecting your business

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Additional Features

-Monitoring & reporting for comprehensive tracking of your progress, and how it compares with your competitors

-Respond to reviews cross-platform directly from the rankingCoach App

-Get a complete overview of your business's review history

-Monitor the Social Media activity of your competitors

-Know the moment anyone refers to your business on the internet with Brand Monitoring Monitor your visibility in online directories

Real-time online monitoring & notifications from LionRank, making sure you always know about anything happening online that could affect your business

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